Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Single-Sign-On Policy Data Migration Tool

Export and Import tools allow us to migrate the policy store data from one environment to the other (or) for backup and restore.
The above tools will produce or consume the following two files
a)smdif Siteminder data interchange format
***The most important fact is that we can export the smdif file from ODBC database
and then import it into the LDAP.
smobjexport will produce the smdif file and .cfg file.
smobjimport will consume the smdif file.
b).cfg environment properties like URL,IPaddress,shared secrets

We can export the entire
2)and keys
3)policy domain
4)policy domain with the associated system objects.

smobjimport :
.We can import the entire policy store or policy domain or policys domain with keys.

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